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Believers in Minnesota, will travel
Name or Organization name : AmatsYah Gornick
Description : torah observant looking for other believers in Messiah Yahshua
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Seeking Friends, Fellowship, Guidance & Truth
Name or Organization name : Jason Kaltved - Seekers Of Truth United(SOTU)
Description : I was raised up ELCA Lutheran. I joined the Army after HS & a yr into my 4 yr stint, I had a born ag......
Alexandria, Minnesota, United States
Name or Organization name : C.G.S.
ELY, Minnesota, United States
Gathering to the land of Israel
Name or Organization name : Bev Olson
Description : Hello -
I came across a congregation that gives Feast tours to Israel. They have a goal to bring ......
Hibbing, Minnesota, United States
Eternal Life Ministries
Name or Organization name : Eternal Life Ministries
Description : Believers abiding in Messiah Yahusha's teachings are invited to keep the festivals and fellowship wi......
Clearbrook, Minnesota, United States
Looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Roger anderson
Description :

I was baptized in the wwcg in 1975 and hav......
Ashby, Minnesota, United States

Description : longtime seeker of truth
Ashby, Minnesota, United States
New believer
Name or Organization name : Global
Description : God (YHWH) will revive Haizum in the last days to help bring in His kingdom of everlasting righteous......
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, United States
Light Bearer Ministries International
Name or Organization name : Light Bearer Ministries International
Description : My wife Sherri and I (Norman Pool) are itinerant ministers. We will travel to home groups and to co......
Blaine, Minnesota, United States
Adath ha-Elohim
Name or Organization name : Adath ha-Elohim
Description :
Adath ha-Elohim is the Hebrew language name of the Qohela founded by Yeshua ha-Meshiach
Karlstad, Minnesota, United States
Nazoraean Israelites in Exile
Name or Organization name : Dr. Curt Wagner
Description : Seeking to carry out Yahushua's commandment for 'evangelism' in Mat.10:5-6 (and Mat.28:19-20 in the ......
Marshall, Minnesota, United States
Aurora Study Group (Iron Range)
Name or Organization name : Kol
Description : We are former Christians whole follow biblical teachings not the traditions (takanot) and precedence......
Aurora, Minnesota, United States
Believers in YHVH
Verndale, Minnesota, United States
Believers in the Yahuah, and the messiah Yahusha.
Name or Organization name : Samantha Nicole P.
Description : I believe their is no OTHER NAME besides the name of Yahuah and our messiah Yahusha.
I do not bel......
Crystal, Minnesota, United States
Remnant tribe seeing other tribers
Name or Organization name : Revivalive ministries
Description : disciple in training of the messiah Yahushua, seeker of truth, spreader of Truth in the gospel of th......
Sherburn, Minnesota, United States
Seeking Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Strong Oak
Description : I am seeking fellowship with sisters or groups of like believers (no single men or men with unbeliev......
Ogema, Minnesota, United States
Torah observers
MAPLE LAKE, Minnesota, United States
Northern MN fellowship
Name or Organization name : Yahwehs Vineyard
Description : We are a home based fellowship the rotates between a few of the families. We use the Sacred names an......
Mountain Iron, Minnesota, United States
In this world but not of this world
Name or Organization name : Dan & Karen Wilsey
Description : One God Yahweh, (Yahushua the Messiah = Redeemer, High Priest, King, First Fruits of the dead risen)......
Twin Valley, Minnesota, United States
Hebrew Roots Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Jan McFarland
Description : We have a Hebrew Roots Fellowship group currently meeting in our home near Grove City, MN. We would ......
Grove City, Minnesota, United States
Believer in Yahushua
Name or Organization name : Gary Glaser
Description : I was more or less raised as a Lutheran, although I actually wasn\'t baptized or joined a church unt......
Fairfax, Minnesota, United States
Name or Organization name : Kathy Kester
Description : Looking for other Hebrew Roots believers in our area.
Danube, Minnesota, United States
Shabbat Shalom!
Name or Organization name : Austin
Description : Seeking others of like minds and faith. Have been a believer of YHWH for decades but have been bogge......
St Louis Park, Minnesota, United States
We love Yahuah
Name or Organization name : Yahusha's Choosen
Description : We believe that Our Creator's Name is Yahuah and came to us as Yahushua. Yahuah is One. We came to ......
Lake Shore, Minnesota, United States
Praise Yah

Description : Follower of Yahusha
Clearbrook, Minnesota, United States

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